What is Technology Training?

Technology Trainings are technologies from DOST’s Research and Development Institutes (RDI’s) and other research bodies, market and regulatory requirements and production methods and systems that are disseminated to the public for household, community or industry use through trainings.

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What can we get from Technology Training?

Technology Training increases awareness of information, and upgrades skills capability of participants.


Who may apply?

Technology Trainings are available to all clients: individuals, academe, community, industry and local government units in the National Capital Region.


What are the requirements?

Letter of request addressed to the Regional Director indicating the specific training, date, and venue.

At least 15 to 20 number of participants coordinated by requesting body.


How to apply?

1.       Inquire in DOST-NCR for Technology Training Services thru phone, email, letter or visit to the agency.

2.       Send letter of request to DOST-NCR Regional Director to be approved.

3.       Confirm receipt of approval or regret from the agency.

4.       Discuss arrangements with the training team and cluster managers.

5.       Prepare the venue and materials as discussed and coordinate participants.

6.       Conduct the training and fill-up evaluation sheets after the training.

7.       Submit the Impact Assessment given by the training team six (6) moths after the conduct of the training.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.       Training Schedules

Training schedules are available and posted in DOST-NCR’s website and Facebook page

2.       Mode of Training Request

DOST-NCR offers two modes of Technology Training:

·         Regionwide Trainings

Trainings determined and scheduled by the agency.

·         Requested Trainings

Trainings requested by interested parties

3.       Online Registration for Trainings

As of the moment reservation of participants are only thru phone call, email or SMS. No online registration for training is available.


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