Ready for your next business milestone? DOST-NCR provides assistance programmes to help you in your equipment upgrading and technology acquisition to seize growth opportunities. Together with other agencies and partners, we also look at developing competitive industry by giving technical advisory and consultancy in the areas of Food Safety, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Assessment, Cleaner Production, Productivity Improvement, Process and Product Standardization.

Find out how the following programs and services can support your businesses:


Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP)

SETUP is a nationwide strategy to encourage and assist SMEs to adopt technological innovations to improve their operations and thus boost their productivity and competitiveness. SETUP provides micro small and medium enterprises with equipment and technical assistance to enable MSMEs to increase sales and production, streamline and improve overall company operations, upgrade the quality of products and services, conform to national and international standards of excellence, and be competitive in their respective fields.

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Technology Training

Technology Trainings are technologies from DOST’s Research and Development Institutes (RDI’s) and other research bodies, market and regulatory requirements and production methods and systems that are disseminated to the public for household, community or industry use through trainings.

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Technical Advisory and Consultancy Services in:


Food Safety

Technical assistance for food processing and food service establishments in the areas food safety such as appropriate food processing parameters, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), SSOP, HACCP, and ISO22000.

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Assessment (EECA)

The DOST-NCR provides advisory services such as energy efficiency and conservation to energy-intensive industries and establishments. This activity will help companies determine their energy use patterns and identify energy efficiency opportunities that will yield savings for them once these are implemented.

The energy efficiency and conservation assessment is the translation of conservation ideas and hopes into reality, by lending technically feasible solutions with economic and other organizational considerations within a specified period.

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Cleaner Production

Cleaner production involves identification of waste sources and implementation of Cleaner production options resulting in waste reduction, improved productivity and increased environmental compliance

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Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX)

MPEX assists small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector to attain higher productivity. Field team is composed of individual engineers and productivity experts to undertake productivity consultancy services in various firms throughout the country.

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OneStore is an e-commerce Web Application that operates nationwide and caters primarily to Philippine consumers. OneSTore helps the Department of Science and Technology's assisted MSMEs widen the scope of their target market. It can help deliver economic growth and increase business opportunities.

OneSTore provides customers with an effortless shopping experience and retailers with simple and direct access to the largest customer base in the Philippines.

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